27 Examples Of Dark Blue Hair For Luxurious Ladies!

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If you are brave enough to enter the image of a new gothic diva for a while, the head of which harmonizes with the fashionable blazers or the color of the night sky, then you should familiarize yourself with the features of your future image, which you can both like and make make a choice in favor of some other shade for the hair.

Dark blue hair can suit you, if you have dark brown eyes and dark-blond hair. If you have gray or blue eyes, then you can try on brighter shades of blue, such as royal, azure, juicy sapphire. This color of hair blends well with pale skin and makes the color of the eyes even brighter and more expressive.

We present 27 photos of girls with blue hair, which can inspire you for further changes.

Long dark hair with blue ombre and beach curls

Simple low styling in shades of blue and turquoise

Long straight hair with a thick braid

Straight haircut bob-kara to the shoulders

Dark blond and blue - elegant simplicity with a twist

Short asymmetrical bean-car

The dazzling luxury of long thick curls

Classic haircut with a bob-car with a bang

A short youthful haircut with a long oblique bangs

Easy to cut Bob-kar in a dark blue color

The dazzling brightness of the indigo shade for long hair

A short stepped bob in electric blue

Muted gray-blue shade for a long stepped haircut

Stunning smoothness of medium length hair of even blue color

The luxury of wavy thick hair of medium length

Cathy Perry and her dark blue hair combined with a yellow sweater

Romantic maiden style with pigtails in a bright blue hue

Simple everyday styling for girls in blue

Blue highlighting for brunettes

Fashionable haircut of Bob-kar in bright cobalt shade

Long curls with multi-colored strands

Long straight dark blue hair

Combination of ombre and long small curls

Dazzling luxury evening style

Romantic styling for a wedding or graduation

Average length with a light blue ombre

Light waves on strands of blue, purple and turquoise hue

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