39 Ideas Of Fashionable Pink Manicure And Nail Design In 2018

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A pink manicure is a favorite among modern girls. He embodies many qualities, such as universality, femininity, tenderness, neatness. Pink shades of nail polish are suitable for any things from the wardrobe, they look great both in the winter and in the summer. Of course, the palette pink is incredibly rich, and every fashionista can choose a certain tone not only in accordance with the mood, but also with the features of her nature. So, psychologists hold the opinion that romantic and sensual girls usually prefer pale pink shades, while passionate and loving confident ladies more often rely on coral-pink tones of varnishes. But dreamers and fantasers love lilac-pink magic colors, both in clothes and in manicure.

Even if you do not belong to any category of these personalities, pink is still one of the best types of fashionable nail polish. He is always in a trend, only a few nuances change, which we'll talk about in this article.

So, the most popular types of pink nail design 2018 and photos of beautiful examples.

Fashionable natural pink manicure

Light pink delicate nail polish looks very aesthetic and appropriate in any situation. It is based on the classic French manicure, restrained everyday design options. Usually the basis is taken by the medium-thick glossy or matte pastel pink varnish and applied evenly on the nail surface. Sometimes it is possible to add to it a few discreet strokes of white, solid or gray color, as in the case with a jacket. A nice design of nails for every day is to paint all the nails with pink, and nameless to highlight white. To slightly change the usual pink color, you can play with the textures. A good idea is to cover a couple of marigolds with a velvet top, the rest to make glossy or pearly. Then the traditional pink manicure will turn into a fashionable luxury design.

Fashionable bright neon manicure in pink color

For summer weekend saturated acid pink color will be very handy. He perfectly shades the tanned skin on his hands, looks glamorous and attractive. It is worth remembering that today the fashion is excessive and an abundance of decor on the nails. Sharp and long bright pink nails, decorated with rhinestones and shiny elements - a squeak of the fashionable spring-summer season. Do not hesitate to look bright, it's in the trend!

For a similar nail design, choose coatings of the same color as raspberry, coral or reddish pink, mandenta, fuchsia, Barbie color. Some manufacturers are in demand using a strong coating of bright pink tones called "pink bikini".

It is acceptable to combine pink with no less bright neon shades, for example, green, turquoise or orange-orange.

Fashionable Hit - Pink with Black Nail Design

Recently, the design of nails has been an incredible success, where two hints of shades - pink and black - are arranged. Here, a gentle pudding tone is complemented by a confident contrast black, which gives you a unique nail art. Particularly beautiful is the manicure, where black patterns are complemented with rhinestones, or individual marigolds are covered with a velor top.

Fashionable pink nail art with patterns

The best company for pink shellac is lovely flower patterns. They help to fully emphasize all the romanticism of this design, put emphasis on femininity, lightness and charm. During warmer months, choose the delightful drawings flora - it can be painted in any petals contrasting varnish, or entire floral designs in bright colors, which depicts lilies, poppies, daisies, roses, peonies, wild flowers and their stems. Very beautiful look voluminous colors on pink nails - made with the help of velvet powder or artistic molding.

Pink manicure with rhinestones

Pink nails with rhinestones - an image for Miss Perfection. Perfectly beautiful marigolds, complemented by shiny royal details, such as rhinestones or crystals, always look great, regardless of whether you chose them for a holiday or everyday. The most flawless variants of nail art with pink shellac and rhinestones imply the use of gentle, discreet shades and neat, refined pebbles.

Pink nail polish in combination with light shades

Pink varnishes are well combined with any light gamma. Excellent "friends" for pink are blue, white, mint, silver, light gray. With their help, you can make amazing patterns or simply combine them in one design, painting marigolds alternately in different colors.

Glamorous dark pink manicure

For the fans of expressive and spectacular designs of nails with pink cosmetic firms produce unique resistant coatings of deep and amazing colors - they can include dark pink, burgundy, fuchsia. These palettes are wonderfully combined with glossy varnishes or pure glitter, they are indispensable for creating a beautiful evening nail art.

Fashionable moon-manicure in pink color

Another great idea for a stylish modern nail design is the holes drawn at the base on a pink background. Holes can be made white or left transparent by applying special stencils for these purposes. Now in a fashion triangular holes, and also transparent strips-arches at the basis of a nail plate.

Fashionable textures of pink coating in manicure

To pink color looked elegant and unique, add to it unusual textures, using for these tasks velor and matte tops. Alternate the glossy coating with matte or pearly - and you will get an amazing and soft contrast. The trend of the season this year is a pink lacquer "cat's eye", which thanks to magnetic patterns creates an inimitable radiance on the nails.

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